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Why was ERP implemented in Poly-Cast company ?
The handicraft sector has a different sector in all the countries. In the world, tourism industry also affects the international handicraft market. Generally the overall monthly income of a handicraft worker is generally considered as  the worth of between 150 to 500 dollars. In Columbia there are more than 10 lakh people directly affected from the handicraft and tourism industry.

The popularity of the handicraft industry is because of this traditional work has no requirement of big investment and infrastructure needs. This sector is completely dependent on the skillset of the artisans and raw materials. Many peasants families and pastorians are dependent on the handicraft partially on their living standards.
Handicraft production is totally dependent on the growth of the tourism industry and it also totally affects the demand and supply chain. Smaller enterprises are totally affected by the price and demand value of the handicrafts. There is no political mind in developing the handicraft industry.

Economic growth is also very necessary for our country because only this is the thing which can work against the poverty and make a balance in the economic cycle. Handicraft play a major role in it. It can create the large quantity of employment to the millions of people because most of people still lives in a middle class environment. The handicraft sector development can create the gates of employment for many unemployed youth.

by - Indian Crafts - solid wood furniture company 

Dreamteam Technologies - a campus automation software company

Amazon Incorporation is the Seattle, Washington oriented company which deals in mainly electronic commerce and cloud based computing. It is considered as the second most retailer after alibaba in terms of revenue and sales in market. It mainly deals in the following segments - software, video games and streaming, audiobooks, apparel, furniture, food items, toys, fire tablets etc.
In this post we will try to understand the basic contribution to the indian handicraft sector provided by the Amazon Incorporation -
At Amazon India the range of handloom and handicraft companies are available from different corners of India. It deals in all type of silk and cotton sarees as well block printed sarees. Their store is full of khadi items, kutas and other hand block printed clothing too.
Amazon.in is also considered as the best jewelry store for completing the ethnic look . Every type of jewelry like - Meenakari, Kundan jewelry is available to give you a simple look.
Amazon also launched the “Made in India” program in which they opened a program to all the businessmen to showcase and export their products worldwide. This was opened for the following segments like - apparels, furniture, home decor, collectibles, books, sporting goods, shopping and health products. This service was started for the two countries like - UK and USA.
In december 2015, Amazon India also had the partnership with the textile ministry of India so that they opened the program for teaching the corporates about how to promote their showcase online. They also conducted the workshops in 4 states of India.
Today Amazon has more than 270 million active users which deals in the different categories from more than 185 countries. Almost more than 6000 manufacturers and sellers are connected to Make in India program to sell their products. They also have he global sales team who work at the local level to make them aware about the patterns of the domestic and international market.