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Why was ERP implemented in Poly-Cast company ?
The handicraft sector has a different sector in all the countries. In the world, tourism industry also affects the international handicraft market. Generally the overall monthly income of a handicraft worker is generally considered as  the worth of between 150 to 500 dollars. In Columbia there are more than 10 lakh people directly affected from the handicraft and tourism industry.

The popularity of the handicraft industry is because of this traditional work has no requirement of big investment and infrastructure needs. This sector is completely dependent on the skillset of the artisans and raw materials. Many peasants families and pastorians are dependent on the handicraft partially on their living standards.
Handicraft production is totally dependent on the growth of the tourism industry and it also totally affects the demand and supply chain. Smaller enterprises are totally affected by the price and demand value of the handicrafts. There is no political mind in developing the handicraft industry.

Economic growth is also very necessary for our country because only this is the thing which can work against the poverty and make a balance in the economic cycle. Handicraft play a major role in it. It can create the large quantity of employment to the millions of people because most of people still lives in a middle class environment. The handicraft sector development can create the gates of employment for many unemployed youth.

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A wooden tray is something which is used to carrying over the food or other drinking members to guests in a home or office. It is not essentially made of wood only but it is also made of other metals and the mix of the too as well like - silver, steel, gold, brass and iron. Today acrylic and plastic trays are also in fashion because of being affordable. It is generally popular in some asian countries and UK as well.
Type of trays -
Paper trays -
The paper trays are manufactured from the paper, glue and other ingredients. It is as well prepared from the ancient time in India, Asian countries and Europe. These trays were also decorated with the flower and fruit based patterns.
Oven tray -
It is generally used to cover up the oven when something is being cooked in to oven in kitchen. It is also helpful in removing liquid mixing with the food material while being cooked to. It  is also known as baking tray.

Plastic or fiber tray -
Generally plastic or fiber trays are used in cafeterias. They were generally divided in different shallow compartments in which directly different dishes can be served to the guests. It is generally made of plastic or fiber.
Metal Trays -
Generally these trays are made of the different metals like - silver, gold and brass. Generally these metal trays are generally used in hotels or houses. They can also be decorated with the different animal or flower based designs.

Wooden trays -
It is made of different type of wooden material and timber like - maple, oak and pine. They are also designed with different animal and flower designs. They can also be carved.  These are generally used in houses and offices as well.
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